Assorted Danios

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Tank Size: Opt for a 10-20-gallon tank, offering space for their active nature.

Water Parameters: Maintain stability with temperatures at 72-78°F and pH levels from 6.8-7.8.

Filtration and Water Changes: A good filter system and 25-30% water changes every 2-4 weeks ensure water quality.

Diet: Feed high-quality flakes or pellets, with occasional live/frozen foods for a balanced diet.

Tank Setup: Create a well-planted tank with hiding spots, mimicking their natural habitat.

Tank Mates: Pair with gentle species, avoiding aggressive tank mates.

Breeding: Platies breed prolifically, so manage populations as needed.

Behavior and Health: Monitor for signs of illness or stress and act promptly.

Compatibility: Suitable for all experience levels, adding vibrancy to community aquariums.