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  • Blue Velvet Shrimp


Blue Velvet Shrimp

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Blue Velvet Shrimp Care Guide:

  1. Tank Size: A small aquarium of at least 5 gallons is suitable for a colony of Blue Velvet Shrimp.

  2. Water Parameters:

    • Temperature: 70-78°F (21-26°C).
    • pH Level: Slightly acidic to neutral, around 6.5-7.5.
    • Water Hardness: Soft to moderately hard water.
  3. Tank Setup:

    • Provide hiding spots with plants, moss, and driftwood.
    • Use a sponge filter to avoid harming the shrimp and to provide a surface for biofilm growth.
    • Ensure a stable environment with minimal water flow.
  4. Diet:

    • Omnivorous diet; feed high-quality shrimp pellets, algae wafers, and blanched vegetables.
    • Supplement with small amounts of specialized shrimp food.
  5. Tank Mates:

    • Blue Velvet Shrimp are peaceful and suitable for shrimp-only tanks.
    • Avoid keeping with larger or aggressive tank mates.
  6. Maintenance:

    • Perform regular water changes (10-20% every 1-2 weeks).
    • Monitor water parameters, especially for stable pH and low ammonia levels.
  7. Behavior:

    • Blue Velvet Shrimp are active and social, often displaying interesting behaviors like grazing and cleaning.
  8. Compatibility:

    • Keep them in groups for a more natural and engaging environment.
    • Introduce suitable tank mates like other dwarf shrimp species.
  9. Breeding:

    • Blue Velvet Shrimp breed readily in captivity.
    • Provide moss or hiding spots for pregnant females and molting shrimp.
  10. Health Monitoring:

    • Observe for signs of stress, unusual behavior, or molting issues.
    • Quarantine new additions to prevent potential diseases.

By creating a well-planted and appropriately maintained aquarium, you can enjoy the striking blue coloration and engaging behaviors of Blue Velvet Shrimp in your tank.