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  • Pearl Gourami


Pearl Gourami

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Pearl Gourami Care Guide:

  1. Tank Size: Opt for a tank with a minimum capacity of 30 gallons for a single Pearl Gourami or a pair.

  2. Water Parameters:

    • Temperature: Maintain a range of 77-82°F (25-28°C).
    • pH Level: Keep the water slightly acidic to neutral, ideally between 6.0-7.5.
    • Water Hardness: Soft to moderately hard water is preferred.
  3. Tank Setup:

    • Incorporate broad-leafed plants and floating vegetation for ample hiding spaces.
    • Utilize a dark substrate to accentuate their distinctive coloration.
    • Ensure a well-filtered tank with minimal water flow to mimic their natural habitat.
  4. Diet:

    • Provide a balanced omnivorous diet, including high-quality flakes, pellets, and occasional live or frozen foods like brine shrimp and bloodworms.
  5. Tank Mates:

    • Known for their peaceful demeanor, Pearl Gouramis are compatible with other non-aggressive fish of similar size.
    • Avoid placing them with overly territorial or fin-nipping species.
  6. Maintenance:

    • Conduct regular water changes of about 20-30% every 2 weeks.
    • Monitor and maintain stable water parameters, ensuring a healthy aquatic environment.
  7. Behavior:

    • Pearl Gouramis are characterized by their calm and graceful demeanor, exhibiting a distinctive pearl-like pattern.
    • During breeding, males may display territorial behavior, constructing bubble nests.
  8. Compatibility:

    • Ideal companions include other peaceful community fish that share similar water parameter preferences.
    • Avoid aggressive tank mates to ensure a harmonious community.
  9. Breeding:

    • Successful breeding can be achieved with the provision of floating plants and a gentle current for bubble nest construction.
    • Separate breeding tanks with appropriate conditions may encourage spawning.
  10. Health Monitoring:

    • Regularly observe for signs of stress, disease, or changes in behavior.
    • Quarantine new additions to prevent potential diseases and maintain overall tank health.

By creating an environment that mimics their natural habitat and attending to their specific needs, you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of Pearl Gouramis in your aquarium.