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  • Betta fish and aquarium kit


Betta fish and aquarium kit

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Betta offer includes:
Your choice of any Betta splendens fish in store with a regular retail price up to $19.99 - fish sizes, colors, and fin form(s) may vary based on availability
Your choice of either a 1 gallon rimless glass cube aquarium or plastic kit. Offer is restricted to aquarium sizes up to 1.35 gallons with a regular retail price up to $30.
Options may vary based on availability. Kits may include various components, options, and sizes. We are happy to assist with in-store setup and instruction! (Note: small aquarium kits on offer do not include filter. Regular water changes are necessary to keep fish healthy. Adding a small filter is highly recommended and will improve the life expectancy for your fish!)
Kit includes Betta food, water conditioner, and a live aquatic plant (plant value up to $7.99)
All fish are quarantined, fed, medicated if needed, and determined to be healthy before being offered for sale
Selections are available on a first-come-first-choice basis